Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Does Putin have any justification for starting the war? He may have some genuine grievances at how NATO was slowly moving towards Russia; how the direction that Ukraine was taking was helping the West to reach all the European borders of Russia. However, can there be any justification for invading Ukraine and causing the inevitable, […]

If Russia invades Ukraine, it will be totally mad and without any justification whatsoever

If Russia invades Ukraine, it will be a total mad thing to do and without any justification whatsoever. But the hypocritical American and British governments don’t have any moral authority to lecture Russia on invasions. Any invasion of Ukraine by Russia would be counterproductive and see the loss of thousands of innocent lives, colossal destruction, […]

Urdu is also a Bangladeshi Language

A few years ago, I stated that the Urdu language was also a Bangladeshi language. This attracted some dismay, surprise and hostility towards me. Some couldn’t understand how I could say something like this when Bangladeshi Bengalis fought against the imposition of the Urdu language as the only state language in Pakistan. One person asked […]

Beautiful regional languages of Bangladesh

Human languages are something incredible. They enable us to communicate with each other, understand what others say or write, theories about the world, introspect to go deeper into things, transmit knowledge through generations, express feelings towards others and do thousands of other things. Languages evolve and change through internal dynamics within a linguistic group and […]

The First Women’s Football Initiative in Bangladesh in 2004

In the light of the recent successes by the Bangladesh women’s football team in international matches, I have decided to publish in my blog an interview that I carried out with two players in 2004 in Bangladesh for my exhibition on Dhaka City in the UK. This interview was part of my exhibition which toured […]

Pakistan-Bangladesh cricket match controversy I found what happened during the Bangladesh-Pakistan cricket match very surprising.  I did not expect any open support for the Pakistani side by some Bangladeshis, especially when the match was between Bangladesh and Pakistan. The images of Bangladeshis wearing Pakistani supporting garments with Pakistani flags were also a double surprise, especially in the era […]

There is no honour in so-called honour-based violence against girls and women

(I have written this piece in response to this article in the Guardian: The so-called honour-based violence against girls and women are perverted acts of maniacs created by systems, developed over long historical processes, to keep women in a state of fear and subordination all their life, and to justify that situation and keep […]