The economic disparities between East and West Pakistan and the importance of understanding their causations (1947-1971)

Economic disparities between East and West were undoubtedly factual. But according to my understanding, the growth rate between the two wings of Pakistan became nearly the same by the end of the 1960s. I want someone to explain the reasons for the economic disparities. For example, was West Pakistani ‘colonial exploitation’ of East Pakistan responsible […]

Stop Violence Against Women and Girls

I was inspired listening to powerful voices of women, and some men, at the ‘Stop Violence Against Women and Girls’ gathering, Altab Ali Park, 15 April 2022 Yasmin Begum was murdered at her home in Bethnal Green, East London, by her estranged husband on 24 March 2022 while her children were in school. Sabina Nessa […]

BJP and the Hindu Nationalists – why it’s going to be very difficult to dislodge them from power

For a long time, Hindus in India and worldwide experienced and felt abused, marginalised and ridiculed. Over the years, there have been many diagnoses and prescriptions designed to deal with these problems. One diagnosis provided by the officers of the British Empire blamed the ‘Muslim Invasion/Rule of India’. One of the main consequences of this […]

Imran Khan, the Rule of Law and the Supreme Court Verdict in Pakistan

Although Imran Khan studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford, he lacks the necessary depth in intellect, imagination and experience to be a real revolutionary. He does have a revolutionary vision but lacks the ability to develop and implement programmes that will radically transform Pakistan based on his vision. Cricketing skills are insufficient to change […]

Kier Starmer’s Problems

It isn’t easy to see how Kier Starmer will become the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. But, based on my observations and understanding, I think it will be impossible for him to win the election. He is like an authoritarian father who strictly disciplines some of his children to please someone else. It […]