The phrase ‘people of colour’ is as offensive and ridiculous as ‘coloured people’

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I can’t understand why it’s inappropriate and offensive to use ‘coloured people’ but not ‘people of colour’. I think they are both inaccurate descriptions of the skin colours of a range of people worldwide. There are more colours on the skin of a single so-called white person than those they call ‘people of colour’. All people are ‘people of colour’ or ‘coloured people’, including so-called white people.

I think the phrase ‘people of colour’ is degrading and based on the false view that so-called white people, mostly slightly pink coloured Europeans, are colourless and others are people of colour. It is so crazy and completely false.

I hope people will stop using the phrase ‘people of colour’ and coin something more appropriate. We are all coloured people or people of colour. However, as the so-called white people also have colours on their skins, they are also ‘coloured people’ or ‘people of colour’.