Examining Hinduphobia in the UK

By M Ahmedullah This was my contribution to a project called Knowing One Another Through Philosophy – delivered by Brick Lane Circle and completed on 14 June 2022 with a project completion celebration that included dramatised performances of nine contributions by diverse individuals who examined a range of community cohesion issues faced by local communities […]

‘By carefully observing a developing caterpillar, one cannot predict its transformation into a butterfly’ – Karl Popper

‘Lutfur Rahman’s corrupt Tower Hamlets power base finally wiped out by Labour’s election landslide‘ – East London Advertiser (9 May 2018) The above assertion was made by Mike Brooke of the East London Advertiser in the aftermath of the 2018 Mayoral election in Tower Hamlets. There was an implied prediction that Luthfur Rahman’s era […]

The evils of nationalism

Nationalism can be based on racial, religious, ethnic or geographical grounds. I was a nationalist once. My nationalism was based on the propaganda of the Bengali nationalists during and after the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971. But, as a believer in science, facts, truth and honesty, I later found most of the claims of Bengali […]

The economic disparities between East and West Pakistan and the importance of understanding their causations (1947-1971)

Economic disparities between East and West were undoubtedly factual. But according to my understanding, the growth rate between the two wings of Pakistan became nearly the same by the end of the 1960s. I want someone to explain the reasons for the economic disparities. For example, was West Pakistani ‘colonial exploitation’ of East Pakistan responsible […]