The ‘Axis of evil’ idea soon after the invasion of Afghanistan shows that the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 had a more sinister purpose than the stated objectives

It’s quite easy to take a position on what’s happening in Afghanistan concerning the withdrawal of western forces. Many people are doing just that: some for and some against the Taliban takeover, and similarly there are divergent feelings concerning sympathy for those Afghans leaving or trying to leave their motherland. The respective positions that people […]

A formidable Apsana Begum MP in the making

It’s really good news that Apsana Begum MP has been cleared of all the fraud charges against her. Many of us had underestimated her. One of the reasons was undoubtedly due to some form of elitist and class indoctrination. She does not speak like an intellectual when she participates in parliamentary debates or when she […]

Problems with pride in celebrating Kishwar’s MasterChef achievements

The achievement of Kishwar Chowdhury in the Australian MasterChef competition is something that should be celebrated. No doubt, she is an inspiration to many, especially young women of, particularly, Bangladeshi origin. Seeing the real food that we eat at home being presented in such a way in the competition has brought pride in many of […]