Creative Arts/Drama Projects

The Tears of Myristica Fragrance

I plan to write and dramatize a short historical fiction on genocide and slavery during the Anglo-Dutch Spices Wars (1600-1625) over the control of nutmeg (Myristica Fragrans). Through this project, I hope to bring to life the story of how the Dutch captured the only English held nutmeg island, Pulau Run, in October 1620, after a long siege; committed genocide against the native population starting from April 1621; imported slaves from many places, including Bengal, to work on the ’emptied of people’ nutmeg plantations. This year’s 400th anniversary of the genocide provides a unique opportunity to engage East London’s diverse communities to participate in a creative theatrical piece on the bloody history of spices.

I read many materials on the topic, including journals and letters, visited the nutmeg Islands (Banda Islands) in August/September 2019 and delivered a public presentation in October 2019 in East London to share my research with people, which I also utilised to gaze potential interest in my project. I was very encouraged by the positive responses that I received from the event participants and some individuals who watched the presentation video on YouTube.

Creative drama

Some examples of community projects that I managed where we utilised the tools of creative arts and drama. I hired theatre directors and worked with them to finalise scripts, run drama workshops and deliver public performances.

Visions for Tolerance and Diversity

The Library of Lost Books

East India Company Walk – drama performance from fictional stories based on facts – Untold Stories and the East India Company – 25 March 2017

Untold Stories of the East India Company – Market Drayton Arts Fest

Untold Stories of the East India Company – Woolwich Library

Connections – exploring multi-generational London and impacts of technology on different generations

Hyphenated Identities

Journeys – multi routes into Britain

Kaleidoscope – multi-faith Britian

Knowing One Another books