Why was Bangladesh created?

Why was Bangladesh created and what kind of Bangladesh was dreamt of by those who fought for and supported the efforts for independence during the liberation war? There is currently a deep confusion about the reason why Bangladesh was created and what kind of Bangladesh was envisaged by the supporters of independence. I think the […]

Remembering Barrister Shahjahan

These two young children were being helped by Barrister Shajahan’s project for street children in Dhaka. I do not remember the exact name of the project, but he once told me how, to win the trust of the street children, he would dress up scruffy and hang around on the streets where the street children […]

Is gentrification a bad thing, by definition?

I have worked in many major inner-city regeneration programmes in the UK, including on the Greenwich Waterfront Strategy and Stratford City Challenge during the early 1990s, and subsequently in Ealing, Bedford and Brent. I also worked in the development of the unsuccessful Woolwich/Plumstead City Challenge bid in 1992. It was an intensive and insightful learning […]

Decolonising history

As we talk about decolonising knowledge and make efforts in this regard, we should be clear about what needs to be done. There is a possible and most probably danger that we will replace euro-centric history with another centric history Euro-centric history There is an increasing realisation, and rightly so, about what’s wrong with euro-centric […]

My four days in Banda Aceh

I spent four days in Aceh, Indonesia, in July 2018. I took a Citilink flight from Medan (North Sumatra), and the journey was going to take about 70 minutes with the arrival time scheduled for 1.40 pm. However, just before mid-way, the captain announced that there was a technical problem which necessitated the plane’s return […]

Oruro Festival in Bolivia (2012)

This annual carnival takes place during February in the city of Oruro, which is known as the folklore capital of Bolivia, situated about 226 kilometres from the country’s capital city, La Paz. It is the most popular festive event in Bolivia and one of the greatest festivals in the world, with more than 2,000 years […]